Laurinda Venerande

Laurinda Venerande

CEO and Founder of The Braiding & Beauty Empire LLC.

A Military Veteran leveraging seven years of proven experience in Supply Chain Management and Computer Engineering, Mrs. Laurinda is a dedicated and self-starting entrepreneur who decided to revolutionize the Braiding and Beauty industry in the United States. Through the Braiding & Beauty Empire, premium clients would save time with the ability to have two appointments in one.

For Mrs. Laurinda, women often spend significant time receiving different beauty services. For example, someone has a braiding appointment that could take up to 4 hours or more. Then, they need to drive to another store to get their nails done. In addition, this client may also have to go to another place to get a facial and/or eyebrow wax. All this could take a whole day. However, it can be done where some services can be delivered simultaneously. In addition, when Braiders work together, the process is way faster. People can now have more quality time to spend with their family or invest their time in a better, more productive way.

Adept at leading teams of 60+ in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, Laurinda intends to build a business whose bedrock dwells on teamwork. “Tolerance is the basis of teamwork, which is sine qua non to building an Empire.”

For this spouse and mother of beautiful girls, building a business is as essential as creating a legacy and generating perennial wealth to make the world better. “I needed a system that could give me enough room to generate a cash flow and to balance with my family. I also wanted to lay the foundation for an Empire that will be a blessing for millions of people worldwide, including my offspring.”

She relied on her braiding culture experience, technical knowledge, and comprehensive background in Inventory Management, sound judgment, and decision-making to dive into her entrepreneurial journey.

Mrs. Laurinda’s career is supported by a bachelor’s degree in management of Information Systems formerly obtained in Benin, a French-speaking country in West Africa, a master’s in information security & Quantitative Analysis obtained from Austin Pea State University as well as a License as a Braider and a License as a Nail technician delivered by the State of Tennessee.

“In today’s World, where Knowledge is easier to access than it was before, a woman has no excuse not to be successful.” Laurinda Venerande